Are you failed in your Collaboration?

Zeynab Mirzadeh
2 min readAug 12, 2021

Today I was thinking of all of the collaborations I had in my life. I confess most of them are failed. I don’t mean I did not grow in those collaboration, for sure I did! I am not saying that, there was no achievement for the parties; for sure there was. But what I am talking about and I believe it was not there, was alignment. There was no alignment between the parties. Maybe for the short term, there was, but after a few months or a few years, misalignment became bigger and bigger and led each of us in a different direction and destroyed the collaboration.

All those failure made me disappointed of collaboration but I could not stop that as I was in need of that. I could think better, work better and accomplished better in a team. And why don’t tell you the truth: I couldn’t do anything alone! The fear of being alone, always sent me to the misaligned collaboration and as I have already shared with you, that misalignment became bigger and bigger and led to the collaboration failure.

You see what was the problem there: fear of being alone! When I was between the others, I could get connected to the source through them and bring creativity and energy of creation from there. But as soon as I lose them, I just get disconnected from the source and couldn’t create anymore.

Since the pandemic began, the way we work has changed. Working from home has become the norm and collaboration became more challenging and for me almost impossible. I used to get connected to the others and to the source through them but via the remote collaboration I lost others already and the source for sure. fear of being alone was there and I was experiencing that.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”

So wise and powerful sentence. The pandemic sent me to the other side of that fear, and there I’ve found myself. I could get connected to my inner world. As much as I came into my world, I could create more strong bond with my inner world. Now I could connect to the source through myself and bring creativity from there by my own. I am still very open to any collaboration opportunity but as I don’t have fear of being alone anymore, I could see my collaborator with more clarity, and I can see any misalignment so clearly. For sure, I wont accept any misaligned collaboration from now on and I will go through my way by my own till the time I could find some one aligned. And now I can say being alone is much much more better than being in misaligned collaboration.

You see what will send you to the aligned collaboration now. As much as more strong bond you’ve created with your inner world, and as much as collaboration you can have with your own, you will have more strong and aligned collaboration in the real world.

I owe this growth to the pandemic…



Zeynab Mirzadeh

I am a game designer focused on developing mindfulness games. Writing about life wisdom which I am receiving to create my authentic path through my life journey