Are you Ready to Receive it?

For sure you heard God is just, but do you know how? And if it is true, how does he distribute wealth among people? How some received a lot while lots of people received a little bit! Always I was thinking of that and I could not find a very clear answer for it.

Recently I find a very beautiful rule for this world and I believe it could answer this question.

Imagine you want to give something very precious to someone. How are you gonna choose her/him? Will you give it to someone randomly or you will check them and be sure if she/he can have it? For sure I will see them and will find the readiest one for having that. How do we understand if someone can have something and is ready for having it? I think the best way for it is to see people’s feelings. If someone’s feeling is aligned with the feeling of the one who has it, it means she/he could have it. And if it is not, we can not trust them to be able to contain it and receive it. When one has a feeling of the one who has something, it means she/he has space for it inside already and can contain it.

Even if someone receives something by chance while not ready for it, it is so probable to lose it pretty soon. Because there is no space for that in their inner world and they can not contain it. It creates an unstable system that wants to go to stability and peace. For reaching stability, they need to lose whatever they’ve received by mistake.

By understanding this rule, I understand why it is so important to be grateful for what we have and why when we don't express our gratitude to the world for what we’ve received already, we gonna lose them and for sure won't receive more. By being grateful for what we have, we are creating a peaceful and stable system and we are ready to contain and receive more, and by being sad while we have a lot, we shrink our inside and create an unstable system which is so possible to throw out what we’ve contained already.

For having whatever you wish to have, check your inside and see what will be your feelings if you have it already. Start to create those feelings inside which will create a container for having what you wish to have, and be sure sooner or later you will receive it.

As rain showers, wealth and abundance are pouring into our lives and we will receive more drops if we’ve created a bigger space inside.

Like spring, I will draw away all my dead and dark parts to create empty space to receive and contain blossoms and a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Wish you a very Happy Nowruz and a Beautiful Spring inside and outside!



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