Do you have Your Own Boundary?

Almost six months ago, I started to create boundaries for myself. It is not easy and a lot of times I forgot it and accepted what I didn't want to accept. But nothing will change at once.

Little by little when I did not listen to my inner whispering and accepted to do what I don't want really to do, and see how much inner anger it created in me after that, I became more conscious and started to reject more unwanted people and unwanted suggestions.

At that time I was not aware of my inner boundary and I started to develop outside boundaries only. A few days ago a new ability start to manifest in me. I start to feel I am receiving inner boundaries as well :)

Before whatever tension around me could affect me and shake me. But a few days ago, I saw two drivers fighting and screaming at each other. It broke my heart first and it happens a lot recently in my city as people are experiencing lots of pressure. But after that, I did not feel bad inside. I see it did not go into my body and I understand, I am receiving inner boundaries as long as I am creating outside boundaries.

I found we are like this tree. If we could grow strong roots through our body and stay connected to our inner temple, little by little we will become strong and stable in presence of whatever storm is outside.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash



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Zeynab Mirzadeh

I am a game designer focused on developing mindfulness games. Writing about life wisdom which I am receiving to create my authentic path through my life journey