Fall in Love with the Word NO!

No one liked to hear no, and I did not like it either. I found this dislike is the biggest blockage I have in front of me to move forward. When we receive our first “no”, we become a little bit upset after receiving the second “no”, we will become more upset and depending on how much passion and inner desire we have, finally after receiving tons of “no”, we will become totally upset and forget about our path.

Why we don’t like “no”? I found we don’t like “no” because we consider it rejection and blockage. But what if I tell you it is a guide to your path. What I understood is, that all “yes” are moving us forward through our path and all “no” are directing us to our path.

I found as much as I could fall in love with the word “no”, I can take more action, and skip the wrong path faster which leads me to the right path sooner.

As I consider “no” as a guide from now on, I can be grateful for receiving them. I will be thankful for the one who guided me to my own path by the word “no” and I won’t become upset anymore. Instead of losing energy and becoming upset, I will become happy of don't waste my time and energy on the wrong path.

Word “no” is as pleasant as the word “yes”. If you fall in love with the word “no”, you will take tons of actions and move forward in every second of your life, doesn’t matter what will be the answers and the results. It is the key to helping us to become our higher self sooner.

Hayon Thapaliya



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Zeynab Mirzadeh

Zeynab Mirzadeh

I am a game designer focused on developing mindfulness games. Writing about life wisdoms which I am receiving to create my authentic path through life journey.