How to start creating Your Own Game?

Zeynab Mirzadeh
4 min readNov 15, 2021

Yesterday, I’ve received a message in my Twitter from a guy. He was interested in creating his own game and he asked me, “How can I start creating my own game? How can I gather a team for doing that?” It reminds me all the ups and downs I went through since I’ve started my journey into the game industry. I wanted to answer him but I’ve found it won’t be helpful to tell him just a few sentences. I find it better to share my own story with him. I hope it will be inspiring and helpful for those who are in the beginning of this path.

After receiving my degree in computer engineering, I’ve found my career path could be creating meditative apps. I learnt about technology at school and I was very interested in meditation and yoga and the crossroad could be meditative apps. I’ve talked about it with my friends and one of my dearest friend gave me the best clue. She told me one of the professor in the university of Isfahan is very interested in this subject and I should talk to him. I was in Isfahan at that time and I went to his office and shared my project idea. He was very interested in that and encouraged me to participate in Video Game Development Summer Camp in university of Isfahan for creating my own game app. It was the first step I’ve took into this journey. I’ve found game app is much more better than simple app, and during almost 8 weeks I’ve created my first meditative game. I’ve found my first teammates there and I am very grateful for having them in my life at that time. For the last day of the camp, we’ve created a poster and a trailer for our game and lots of players came and played our game. They provided us lots of wonderful feedbacks.

Last day of the Video Game Development Summer Camp, Isfahan 2018

Later, I’ve found this kind of programs are very common in the world and their name are Game Incubator. I’ve found this one in Montreal:
And I advice you to look for this kind of program to start your journey into the game industry.
The second wonderful step I went through was participating in a Game Jam. It was just few months after I’ve created my own first game and I was in Montreal. I was looking for something to increase my knowledge and to go further and I’ve found Global Game Jam registration page. I did not hear about game jam before but I’ve found it interesting and I’ve registered and participated in it. I became friend with a girl at the entrance door and she invited me to her team. It was so great for me as I’ve learned how people could create a game just in 2 days. Game jams are very great for every one to learn more. Doesn’t matter if you are beginner or professional. It is very friendly gathering, and everyone are there to helping each other to do their best.

My teammates at Global Game Jam, Montreal 2019

Global game jam will happen every year in January and as new year is coming soon I encourage you to participate in it. I’ve participated in more game jams later and each one upgraded my knowledge in very fast speed.

Third amazing step I went through was participating in a Game Festival. I’ve explained what happened at that time in the following video.

Casual Connect Game Festival, China 2019

Through all these steps, I’ve learned how to create my own game. But to make money from it and to publish it, I still need to learn and as the fourth step, I’ve decided to look for a Job in a Professional Game Studio. I’ve worked for two great studios for almost two years and I gained lots of wonderful experiences from professionals in this industry. At this point you need to be careful to do not stay with them forever and forget about your own game :)

As the fifth step, I Came Back to my Own Game, and I am in this step now. I’m trying to develop a real product in this step and sharing my knowledge with newcomers.

I want to share with you Brackeys’ Youtube Channel too. I’ve found his tutorials so good and I encourage you to create whatever he explained there. It could provide all the basics you need to start creating your own game.

Comment below if you have any inspiring story for others through your journey into creating your own game.



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