Who is our Biggest Enemy?

Our enemies are the ones who hurt us, block us and don't let us grow and bloom. It is important to know them and stop them. There are a lot of enemies in this world, but do you know who is the biggest one?

Today, I want to share the answer I’ve received to this question and see how we can stop her/him.

Whatever we are receiving in this world is because we’ve created it in ourselves before. If we’ve received lier people, if we’ve received aggressive people, if we’ve received no respect, no love, no money, all are because we’ve created their energy in ourselves. Maybe you say, I am not a lier, I am kind, I respect others and express love to them. But did you do that for yourself as well? For sure you did not. Doesn't matter if you are telling lies to others or yourself, any way you will create the energy of lying in yourself and it gonna attract lier to your life. If you don’t love yourself, you gonna gather people who don’t love you and if you don’t appreciate yourself and don’t consider yourself worthy, you gonna attract same behaviour in your real life.

All these behaviour toward ourself is coming from our mind. In fact, our mind is our biggest torturer and enemy. She/he always blames us, judges us and creates all terrible energy in us.

Our mind is always talking with us nonstop and brings us lots of terrible stories from our past and creates lots of stress by telling awful predictions about our future. So she/he is our biggest enemy and we should stop her/him if we want to grow and bloom.

But the truth is we can not stop our minds by force. We should let it talk and talk and talk and just watch it. If we don’t accompany it, finally it gonna stop. When our mind becomes quiet, our heart and our spirit gonna talk to us. It is a very pleasant moment and they gonna enrich our temple. They gonna guide us to our higher self and show us the path towards there.

I wish you lots of quiet-mind moments which will bring you lots of happiness and deep joyfulness.

By the way, I want to introduce Chak Chak. She is the main character of our new game. She wants to tell her story through a game and I am so excited about her presence. Let’s see what she gonna tell us about her life and how she could create inner happiness.

Created by Amanda Merrifield



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