Your Hurt Is the Doorway to Growth

Before I was so sensitive and whatever discomfort and harsh reaction could affect me and could take all my precious energy and block me in my life path.

Little by little as I created self-intimacy, I could heal lots of my inner wounds and create inner integrity. After that, whenever I was seeing someone hurting me, I could see how much she/he is in need of love and could see the deep wounds they had which controlled them to behave in that way. They still affected me and I became so empath and wanted to help them. And still, I was losing my energy by taking steps in others' growth paths and forgetting about my own growth path.

But now, Whenever someone could trigger me and wake up something in me, I am looking inside to see what part of me is angry with that behaviour. I will stay with that part, take care of that part, create intimacy with that part and infuse unconditional love into that part.

I found the best option while encountering human beings is acceptance.

Whoever they are is because of their stage of consciousness and as long as I don't let my inner wounds take control of me, they can not hurt me and affected me. In fact, they are here to show me my inner wounds.

My responsibility is to accept those people and take care of whatever part of me was waking up and being affected. When the accordant wounds become healed I could fully accept them and watch them without being triggered anymore.

Whatever behaviours are triggering us are because of our inner accordant wounds. And those people are like a mirror and reflect those wounds for us by triggering them. They are in this world to grow us and remind us how many inner wounds still we have. In fact, they are guiding us toward our higher self and our true destination. As you see they are so precious and I am so grateful for having them in my life.



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Zeynab Mirzadeh

Zeynab Mirzadeh

I am a game designer focused on developing mindfulness games. Writing about life wisdoms which I am receiving to create my authentic path through life journey.